Welcome to Fix A Friend Spay Neuter Clinic, created by Adopt an Angel, where we provide low cost, quality spay/neuters to our community in an effort to reduce pet overpopulation in Southeastern NC.  To date, our expert veterinarians and staff have performed over 66,000 surgeries since 2013.  We are good at what we do because that is all we do!  Vaccinations and microchips can also be done at the time of surgery.  We provide services to the general public as well as to 22 rescues and shelters that drive as far as 2 hours from every direction. 

To Book Your Pet's Surgery at Fix A Friend, Click BOOK HERE NOW and choose spay/neuter appointment: (THERE IS A $10 MANDATORY NON REFUNDIBLE DEPOSIT FOR DOG SURGERIES DUE TO VERY HIGH NO SHOW RATE AT THE CLINIC AND LONG WAITING LISTS FOR DOG SURGERIES!) Take home pain meds are mandatory for dogs and are $15.  E-Collars are $10 and are mandatory for male dogs.  

Did you know that Fix A Friend NOW offers simple wellness appointments on most Tuesdays from 10-3?  We offer microchips, exams, routine vaccinations, fecals, treaments for ear mites, ear or skin infections, and simple illnesses.  Just click BOOK HERE NOW and choose wellness appointment to schedule.    

We also offer a feral cat package for feral or community cats.  For $35, the cat will get spayed or neutered, all basic shots and an ear tip.  It must come in a trap.  We thank you for doing your part and spaying or neutering your pet!  Also, check out county euthanasia statistics to find that shelters are euthanizing less shelter pets every year in a large part due our efforts.

Click here to send us something off our Amazon Wish List!  We always need newspapers too, just not the glossy parts.